Our company is a tobacco-accessories wholesaler, founded in 2009.

We distribute the Rollo products in the European market.

Rollo brand is produced by Silverfoiltubes Inc., which is the manufacturer of many internationally renowned brands. (Laramie, Zen, Vera Cruz etc.)


We offer a large range of MYO and RYO products, including:

  • Micro Slim (5,5mm) cigarette tubes
  • Ultra Slim (6,5mm) cigarette tubes
  • King Size tubes
  • Full flavour and light tubes
  • Premium cigar tubes
  • Multi colored tubes
  • Cigarette tubes with multi colored filter
  • Triple Carbon filter tubes
  • Menthol cigarette tubes
  • Black tubes, with glittering multicolour ring
  • High quality filter tips, in different sizes and lenghts
  • Micro and Ultra slim injectors
  • RYO cigarette papers


All filtered cigarette tubes parameters are measured to maintain the consistency of the product  to ensure high quality smoke.

Only the finest materials are used in Rollo production and packaging processes to ensure the production of the best cigarette tubes. This includes paper, packaging materials and filter raw material sourced from some of the world’s largest and most renowned suppliers.
The majority of Rollo company is being run by established and highly experienced operatives who have been in the cigarette industry for more than thirty years producing internationally renowned brands and are currently active in production, quality control, and research and development.

All filter tips parameters are measured to maintain the consistency of the products in terms of hardness, pressure drop, weight and diameters.



Company details:

Nivex Trade Ltd.

1153 Budapest


Email: sales@nivextrade.hu

Phone: +36306539908